Blue Jackets Win Streak Catches Attention

The Columbus Blue Jackets had a 16-game win streak from late November until early January.

Yes, you read that sentence correctly and yes, it was the Columbus Blue Jackets that had that win streak.

Just one year ago, Blue Jackets and win streaks were words that would not have appeared in the same sentence. The Blue Jackets, who have only made the playoffs twice in team history, have not had many winning seasons and win streaks have been rare.

Over the years in Columbus, the following stories would flood the local sports media during the winter months:

  • Ohio State’s football recruits
  • Ohio State basketball
  • The Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Will the Blue Jackets leave Columbus?

There is no doubt Ohio State sports rule most of the sports stories in Columbus and it was often wondered if the Blue Jackets would stay in the state’s capital. Issues with money and the lease with Nationwide Arena would make the rumors of the Blue Jackets leaving town appear on a yearly basis.

Last season, when previous head coach Todd Richards was fired after a disastrous start to the season, John Tortorella was brought in to turn the club around. Torts, as they call him, didn’t bring another playoff run to Columbus last season but the impact of his coaching is making a difference so far during the 2016-2017 season.

With a great farm system to work with and having time to implement Torts’s system, the Blue Jackets started a winning streak at the end of November and it lasted until early January. The Blue Jackets found ways to win and kept winning. Attendance at Nationwide Arena started to rise and the club became one of the top stories and the hockey world.

For the longest time, the national media wouldn’t necessarily cover the Blue Jackets. National television appearances for the Blue Jackets are rare. Once the streak began to take shape, national media in both the United States and Canada began to take notice.

Had the Jackets tied the current record of 17 wins in a row, NBC Sports would have covered the January 7th game to see if they could break the record. National media from Canada and the United States flocked to Washington on January 5th to see if the Jackets could tie the record against the Capitals. The streak ended that night but the impact remained the same. The winning streak took a team that was known for losing and made it a serious contender in the eyes of the fans and the media.


~ by jeffrsabo on January 7, 2017.

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