Solon Football – Always a Fun Ride

I lost track years ago how many Solon Comets football games I have covered from the pressbox at Stewart Field off Inwood Road next to Solon High School. I am sure I can estimate but doubt I can come up with an accurate number.

The same can be said for the number of Solon football games I have photographed when the team has played on the road. Traveling to follow the team has opened up opportunities and I enjoy traveling to the different stadiums throughout the season. I lost track long ago how many different visiting stadiums I have parked at and stepped into.

No matter where the games take place, following and covering the team is always a fun ride for me. My age is 31 and I still get the same elated feelings I had when I was 16 when I step into the stadium to cover the team. As I have grown older, the faces on the roster have changed numerous times but the fun I have covering the team remains the same and I am grateful to be part of the experience.

Doing play-by-play for Solon Educational Television has added more work for me during the week leading up to the broadcast, however, I find it enjoyable. The research has helped the broadcasts become more professional and it is fun learning the ins and outs of the team. I can have the busiest and tiring week leading up to the broadcast but stepping in that broadcast to call the game helps me wind down and relax. Being focused on calling the game is my favorite way to spend Friday nights in the fall and always a fun way to start my weekends.

On the road, taking my camera with me and tweeting highlights for the Friday Night Huddle show has added another fun dimension to covering the team. Photography is a passion I developed during my college years and relaxes me after a busy week. Being asked to contribute to the Friday Night Huddle on Time Warner Cable and is an honor and tweeting video highlights as the game goes on has made me feel more connected to the team. It has forced me to keep up with the team in a positive way and has added another enjoyable element to covering the team week in and week out.

The Solon season ended this past Friday with a loss to St. Ignatius, however, I am not going to dive into the details of that game. The purpose of this piece is to share my gratitude to those who have helped make the experience of covering Solon football a great one.

To Coach Jim McQuaide, his family, and the entire coaching staff, your support during the season has always been appreciated. It helps knowing I have a great support staff from all of you each and every time I step foot into the pressbox or on the gridiron. The support you provide is one of the main reasons I keep coming back. Thanks to all of you for being in my corner.

To the players and their parents, your support means a lot as well. It makes me feel appreciated when all of you take the time to thank me for announcing the games, getting highlights on to Friday Night Huddle, or mentioning you saw my photos online. It is an incredible feeling for me to know there are those out there who know of my work and follow it. Thanks to all of you for being there for me.

To the Solon Band, thanks to all of you for putting on incredible performances throughout the season. Nothing beats a great halftime show and it helps knowing some great music will be played at halftime. Thanks for all of your hard work.

To Solon Educational Television, calling the games all these years means the world to me. It helps walking into Stewart Field on Friday Nights knowing a fun and enthusiastic crew is waiting for me. It makes a difference knowing the crew will be working hard throughout the broadcast. Thanks for letting me get behind the microphone and for all the hard work.

To Classic TeleProductions, the phone call to ask me to be on the Friday Night Huddle was one of the best surprises I ever received. Being on the show and contributing has made the experience of covering high school football more enjoyable than before. Thanks to those who helped make this opportunity happen.

Thanks to all of you for making this past season another fun ride.


~ by jeffrsabo on November 13, 2016.

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