Heaven is Where Dreams Do Come True

Growing up a baseball fan during the fantastic run the Cleveland Indians had from 1994 to 2001, the World Series is always an exciting event for me. I had lost count long ago how many World Series games I had watched on television over the years. No matter who was playing, my dream was to eventually make it to the Fall Classic in person.

Witnessing the 1995 and 1997 World Series runs by the Cleveland Indians made me a Tribe fan for life. With the excitement both teams brought every night, it was my first glimpse in life at a Cleveland team trying to win a championship. It was the closest my parents had seen since the Cleveland Browns teams of the 1980s and both trips were exciting for my family and the entire city of Cleveland.

Being the age I was, I also took these trips to the Fall Classic for granted. With how the Indians always put a strong team on the field each and every season from 1994-2001, I always assumed the Indians would get back and eventually win the World Series.

Little did I know how the entire team would change once the late Dick Jacobs sold the team to the Dolan family. Payroll was cut, a new approach was taken to building the team, and it would not be until 2007 that the Indians would make another late October run for the World Series. The 2007 team fell short by losing in the American League Championship Series and it made me appreciate the 1995 and 1997 teams even more.

When my sister was in medical school in St. Louis, she had the opportunity to witness the Cardinals win two World Series championships and attended one of the games during the 2006 World Series. I gained a greater appreciation for how big an event the World Series is when discussing the games with her. My dream of going to a World Series game in person intensified after these discussions.

My opportunity came when the Cleveland Indians clinched the 2016 American League Championship over the Toronto Blue Jays. I knew it would cost a lot of money to go but I didn’t want to wait another 19 years or longer to have that chance to attend a World Series game. I wanted to make my dream come true.

The tickets were for standing room but I didn’t care. I was inside Progressive Field for the 2016 World Series. As I watched the Chicago Cubs warm up, it really dawned on me what was happening. The Cubs, the National League Champions, were right in front of me playing in Game One against my hometown Cleveland Indians for a chance at a World Series title. I had seen the American and National League champions square off in the World Series on television numerous times but this time, it was live in person.

I brought with me to the game pictures of my maternal grandfather and great grandfather. I was very young in both pictures and don’t have any memory of them being taken. My mom has recalled my great grandfather being a huge Indians fan, which is something he passed on to my grandfather.

During the later years of his life, my grandfather had Parkinson’s and watching the games on television made him feel the most comfortable. Arthritis in his back prevented him from being able to go down to Progressive Field for games after a certain point and I never had an opportunity to take him to one myself. He and my great grandfather would have been thrilled to see the Indians and the Cubs face off in the World Series. My way of getting both of them to the game were these two pictures I packed with me. I finally was able to get both of the to a World Series game.

My friend Anthony and I kept commenting to ourselves how being in the stadium for the World Series felt like a heavenly experience. I kept thinking how that notion was one of the themes in the film Field of Dreams. One of the lines in the film discusses how heaven is a place where dreams come true. Last night, watching that came from me was where a dream had just come true.


~ by jeffrsabo on October 26, 2016.

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