Thoughts on David Blatt’s Firing

Not many expected former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt to get fired. After taking the team to the NBA Finals in his first season, Blatt continued his winning ways by keeping the Cavaliers in first place of the Eastern Conference this season.

Even though the Cavs were in first place, other issues seemed to be looming. After an embarrassing loss to the Golden State Warriors on Monday (and second time losing to the Warriors this season), a lot of information regarding the inner workings of the locker room started to be revealed. Players were pointing fingers at one another, there was a somber mood, and a feeling of hope that was lost.

A coaching change would not be expected for a team doing well, however, it must have become apparent to General Manager David Griffin that the team needed to alter its approach.

Below are thoughts on what occurred prior to Blattt’s firing:

1) The team has the best chance to win a championship with Lebron James

With how the Cavs have struggled against strong Western Conference teams, some could question whether Blatt as effective as a head coach. In games against the Warriors and the TrailBlazers, the Cavs played luckluster and as individuals. Blatt never could get it turned around in that aspect. Griffin may have realized Blatt was not the coach for the long run.

2) Somber moods in the locker room are a virus

In any organization, a somber mood can spread through the workplace like a nasty virus. Whether you are in sports, business, or any profession, a negative attitude and mood can downturn any organization.

The mood after the embarrassing loss to the Warriors Monday was both somber and toxic. Players felt down on themselves and pointing fingers creates a toxic work atmosphere. Whether Blatt could handle this effectively had yet to be seen, however, it was apparent the team was down on themselves after losing to a tough Warriors team for the second time this season. The somber mood was causing players to lose faith in themselves and possibly Blatt.

3) Tyronn Lue as an assistant coach was no accident

Lue was the Cavs second choice for head coach had Blatt not accepted the job. Lue was quickly offered an assistant coaching position with the Cavs not too longer after Blatt was hired.

Could Griffin have known Blatt may not have been able to get along with Lebron ahead of time? Why would Griffin hire Blatt if he didn’t feel like he couldn’t get the job done? Was this already in the works last season?

No matter how you look it at, Griffin respects Lue a lot and his second choice was close by should Blatt get the hook. Now that Blatt is gone, Lue will have his opportunity.

4) Griffin complained there was lack of connectivity between the players

Having a cohesive team is needed in any organization. Whether you are in business or a sports team, playing as a team gets you further than having a collection of individuals. There were times the Cavs played as individuals and not a team. This became apparent both times they played Golden State. Blatt’s lack of ability to connect the team and make it as one seemed to have come to the forefront after the loss on Monday.


~ by jeffrsabo on January 23, 2016.

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