Watching the Browns: Another Point of View

“The Browns stink!”

“Why am I watching this crap?!”

“Another coaching change?!!”

There is no doubt these statements have been communicated through social media regarding the Cleveland Browns. These sentences have been repeated many different ways through social media and most sports talk shows and show the anger the Cleveland Browns fan base has.

Since coming back in 1999, the team has struggled. There is no dispute the team hasn’t had many winning seasons since re-entering the league and fans are frustrated. With another coaching change to occur, it is easy to think “Here we go again!”

I’m a die-hard Browns fan. I am not going to dispute it and often took to social media with the following:

“It’s been a tough year but I am still going to say this…..GO BROWNS!”

I am quoted in a Terry Pluto book “Things I Have Learned While Watching The Browns” on page 70. My words are in there that I am willing to wait for a winner and became a fan at an early age.

As a fan, it is tough to see the team lose. It is more fun when the Browns win and succeed on the field. I haven’t seen many victories since the Browns have come back since 1999 and want the team to win.

Prior to this upcoming season, I moved out of my parent’s place and into a residence of my own. Having a place of my own, I had a choice of watching the Browns alone in my place or watching with other people.

I choose to watch with others.

Since moving back home after college, I have spent a lot of time watching the Browns with my parents. We have all scratched our heads, yelled at the TV and wondered when the losing was going to end.

After I moved out, I didn’t realize how much watching the games brought me closer to my parents. This past season, I often would take the opportunity to visit my parents and watch the Browns games with them. The results were very similar to what occurred in previous seasons but it gave me an opportunity to socialize and be with them.

On top of that, it also gave me an opportunity to see the family dog, Sidney. The dog does not live with me but is very dear to my heart. Sidney makes me happy and there isn’t a better feeling than being able to pet her while watching the game. The Browns didn’t give us much to cheer about at times this season but having Sidney nearby always made me happy.

On one occasion, I took the opportunity to use the Browns game as an opportunity to have friends over to socialize. I invited my friends Anthony and Eric over to watch the Browns play the Jets late this season. We mainly used it as an opportunity to talk with one another and joke around before the holiday season began. It ended up being a fun time hanging out with both of them despite what the final score said as the fourth quarter ended.

We can predict what can happen with the Browns in the future. As of writing this, we don’t know who owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner will pick as the coach.

What I do know is I will use the games in the future as an opportunity to socialize with others and enjoy the company of those who are close to me.




~ by jeffrsabo on January 1, 2014.

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