Solon vs Glenville – Always a Memory Maker

The air was brisk, the night filled with energy and it came down to one play. It was overtime and you had two incredible football teams on the field.

One one sideline; the 2000 Solon Comets. This was one of the best teams the community had ever seen. This team had come from behind in many games, had incredible talent and high hopes for a state championship.

On the other sideline; the 2000 Glenville Tarblooders. This team had not been a powerhouse in Northeast Ohio like Solon had been. The team was embarking on a dynasty. This team too was athletic and talented and wanted to prove they can compete with the best in Northeast Ohio.

Solon was up by one point in overtime and Glenville had just scored a touchdown. Without a reliable placekicker, Glenville decided on a two-point conversion try. A field goal for the extra point would have tied it again. The two-point try would determine who goes home and who goes on.

The ball is snapped, Glenville’s quarterback goes back to pass. The ball is thrown rapidly and skips off the turf for an incomplete pass.

The Solon sidelines erupts with elation; the Glenville sideline dejected and disappointed.

Nearly 10 years later; Glenville and Solon meet at Byers Field where the air is brisk and the atmosphere is one of the best. Both teams are evenly matched on paper and on the field. Once again, it is the playoffs. The game will determine who goes home and who goes on.

Glenville had been dominating for most of the game. The first half appeared to be heading towards a blowout. Glenville had dominated while Solon had not been able to keep up.

The momentum shifts in the second half; Glenville slows down and Solon picks up the pace. With defense and great offense, the Comets cut the lead by several increments. Winning seemed like a pipe dream at halftime; now it is in the Comets’ reach.

Late in the fourth quarter as Solon uses all the timeouts available, it comes down to a field goal. If Solon puts the ball through the uprights, they will take the lead and possibly the game. If they miss, their season is likely done.

Both teams line up and the ball is snapped. The ball is kicked and sails towards the uprights. It looks as if it will go through.

Right as the ball gets closer, it veers to the side and misses. The Glenville sideline erupts with elation; Solon’s sideline looks on in disbelief and heartbreak.

This Friday at Stewart Field, Glenville and Solon will square off once again. No one will know how it will end at this point. No one knows if it will come down to a field goal, overtime or a final drive. What we do know is it has an opportunity to be a memory maker.


~ by jeffrsabo on September 2, 2013.

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