Former Monsters Coach Has Great Opportunity in Boston

Former Monsters Coach Has Great Opportunity in Boston

David Quinn stood on the bench last season as an assistant coach for the Colorado Avalanche. After spending years patrolling the bench as head coach of the Monsters, Quinn was provided an opportunity to work in the biggest hockey stage of them all, the NHL.

Quinn, who is a former minor league player, finally reached a level all hockey players who lace up a pair of skates dream about. After years of minor league busses, the former Monsters coach finally made it to the NHL.

While Quinn was at an incredible stage in his coaching career, the Avalanche this past season were far from having a great season. The team struggled throughout the year, could not win and ended up with one of the worst records in the league. By the time the season was done, head coach Joe Sacco, a former Monsters head coach, was out of the job and a new era was to begin in Colorado.

The Avalanche have a new coach in place and are ready to start over and so is Quinn. Instead of staying in Denver, Quinn chased another dream of becoming Boston University’s head hockey coach. Quinn was named the 11th head coach in the history of the Boston University hockey program, which the coach has said is his “dream job.”

Boston University is familiar with Quinn. As a player, Quinn played for the Terriers from 1984 through 1987 and later served as an associate head coach. An opportunity to coach professionals prompted him to leave the college ranks for a while but Quinn has decided to go back to his roots.

Despite never being an NHL head coach, Quinn’s resume is quite impressive. Quinn has served as a head coach in the American Hockey League and the NHL, which have been described as being the two top professional leagues in North America. Being familiar with the college game already, Quinn has the opportunity to take what he has learned along the way and use it to coach college players. There may be a lot of BU players who may never make the NHL but Quinn will get the most out of what he has.


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