Atmosphere Makes Announcing Gig More Fun

Both sides of the gym were cheering with every basket made and each turnover. On one side, you had Solon basektball fans who came out to see the team on senior night and on the other side, Cuyahoga Falls fans donned the stands in black and yellow colors. The game was getting close in the second half and with each moment came noise from both sides of the gym.

These two boys basketball teams, Solon and Cuyahoga Falls, have had their ups and downs this season but in the second half of this divisional matchup, all that mattered was who was going to come out with the victory at the end of the fourth quarter. The atmosphere got progressively louder as the minutes clicked away in the third quarter. By the time the fourth quarter started, all eyes were on the court to see what would happen next.

As I sat and announced the game for SETV, I was flying solo and couldn’t help feel the passion of the atmosphere inside the building. As the crowd got louder, I couldn’t help but get excited with each piece of action that occurred on the court. Solon had been up by 15 points at one point and Cuyahoga Falls slowly crept in to cut down the margin. Cuyahoga Falls was inching to take the lead for the first time since the first quarter but Solon was doing everything they could to make sure that did not happen.

Solon’s gym was not completely filled on this night but I had seen great atmospheres inside this gym before when the stands were not packed to the walls. The fans that get into the game as it progresses are a key component to making the atmosphere inside this gym great and having seats close to the action helps the fans react to every shot, turnover, foul, whistle, steal, dunk, etc. As Cuyahoga Falls got closer to tying the game, fans on both sides helped amplify the intensity in the building and the atmosphere.

I’ll admit I was zoned out while watching the game and couldn’t help but feel a rush as the final minutes ticked off in the fourth quarter. The game was still within reach for Cuyahoga Falls at that point and both sets of fans wanted to see a victory. It was easy to tell the players were taking in the crowd enthusiasm as well and using everything that was left in the tank to win.

Solon would eventually pull away with the victory and it was one of the best atmospheres I had ever called a game in. The action got close several times and being in the middle of the fans getting into it made for a great experience. The game made the call exciting but the fan enthusiasm helped amplify it.


~ by jeffrsabo on February 17, 2013.

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