Calling My First Game Since The Rike Center Miracle

“The last time I called a Solon basketball game, you were playing!”

This is what I texted my friend Bridget, a former player for the Solon Girls basketball team as I walked from my car into Solon’s gym on Wednesday evening. I knew it had been a long time since I called a game inside the school’s gym and almost five years since I called any basketball game. I posted on Facebook that the last basketball game I called was the famous Shot Heard Around the Rike Center (or Rike Center Miracle) my senior year of college. I couldn’t believe when walking into the gym that it had almost been five years since I called Sara Fee’s game winning shot that helped Otterbein put Capital away in the closing seconds.

When I walked in, the sights and smells were familiar. The pizza was warming up, the popcorn was being made and there were the sounds of the JV game going on beforehand. I couldn’t help but smile how much often we would set up during a JV game and hoped it didn’t go into overtime so that the varsity game could start on time.

Instead of being behind the scorer’s table where I had called many games during my high school years, my post for the game was on the home side and about halfway up. Being on the floor isn’t bad to call a game but I prefer being a little way’s up to see all the action better.

I was flying solo with the call and I’ll admit I was a little nervous. I hadn’t called a basketball game in nearly five years. I wasn’t worried it would go badly but wondered if there was going to be some rust.

Within the first couple minutes of the game, I got into a groove and the rest is history! As Solon and Magnificat traded leads in the second quarter, I couldn’t help but get excited and into the game. Having called numerous basketball games at Otterbein, it brought back great memories of getting into close games and wanting to be there for every second.

Solon managed to regain the lead in the third quarter and I couldn’t wait for the fourth quarter to start. I was having an absolute blast calling the game and it reminded me of all of the Otterbein women’s games I called during my four years down there. I was friends with a lot of the girls on the team and always hoped for a great finish with each game that I called. Announcing this close game between Magnificat and Solon brought me back.

Solon pulled out the victory with a surge in the second half and I couldn’t help but grin on the way out. I managed to get behind the microphone again and had a blast doing it.



~ by jeffrsabo on January 11, 2013.

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