Teddy Bear Toss is One of My Favorite Promotions

Hockey has been a huge part of my life and until the Monsters called Cleveland home, I had never heard of any team doing a teddy bear toss around the holidays. I’ve seen wacky promotions done by several teams over the years but the teddy bear toss was one I had never heard a team doing.

The Monsters have been doing this promotion for the past few seasons and I will never forget the first time I saw it take place. After the Monsters scored the first goal, thousands of teddy bears came flying from the stands onto the ice. All of the bears are donated to charity causes for the holidays.

One of the most memorable hockey moments I ever saw prior to this happened to be a hat trick that Jaromir Jagr had several years ago against the Boston Bruins. Jagr was still playing for Pittsburgh at the time and scored a hat trick in the game. Upon scoring his third goal, tons of hats flew from the stands and onto the ice. It was the first time I had ever seen a hat trick live in person and seeing thousands and thousands of hats fly to the ice inside Mellon Arena was quite the sight to see. I don’t recall how long the game was delayed but it was well worth it to see all of the hats hit the ice.

The teddy bear promotion is very similar to Jagr’s hat trick. Moments after the goal is scored, there is a slight pause before the bears start being thrown onto the ice. As soon as the first few bears are thrown, more teddy bears find their way to the ice surface from the stands. It is incredible to see bears constantly hitting the ice surface as more and more fans keep throwing them.

In some years, PA announcer Ryan Pritt has had to ask fans to stop throwing bears after a certain point. As soon as the deadline is mentioned, even more bears come out onto the ice and it makes for an incredible sight to see.


~ by jeffrsabo on December 15, 2012.

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