Browns vs Steelers Thoughts…..

The Browns Should Have Capitalized On Those Turnovers

The Browns only got 17 points off the multiple Steeler turnovers. The Browns managed to take the lead but the score should have been a lot higher. Getting multiple turnovers against the Steelers does not happen often and you have to take advantage of every opportunity. The Browns will need to capitalize on every opportunity they can get especially against divisional opponents.

The Browns Didn’t Start Off Well But the Defense Stepped Up

The Browns were facing a third-string quarterback in Charlie Batch but the defense really stepped up. Creating four fumbles and three interceptions helped keep the Browns in this game and the Steelers out of the endzone multiple times. The defense couldn’t always get pressure on Batch but shut down the running game.

What Is The Record For Most Holding Calls in One Game?

This was a thought I had after Ron Winter and his referee crew kept calling holding penalties in the second half. If anyone knows this, I would like to know the answer to this.

Shurmer Was Getting Conservative At the End

After Brandon Weeden went out with an injury, Browns head coach Pat Shurmer did not let Colt McCoy throw one pass and kept handing the ball off to Richardson. The play calling was conservative and it did get Pittsburgh to burn their timeouts. There were times at the end the Browns needed a first down to run down the clock even further. Pittsburgh started keeping more players in the box and didn’t allow Richardson to get much positive yardage. The play calling didn’t wind the clock down far enough at times and had Pittsburgh had a challenge on that one play where Richardson was ruled down instead of a fumble, it could have been costly.

According to CBS Announcer Kevin Harlan, Charlie Batch’s age changed twice

Batch was said to be 38 years old in the third quarter by Harlan and one quarter later, his age was reduced to 37.



~ by jeffrsabo on November 25, 2012.

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