Browns Thoughts on Loss to the Buffalo Bills

The First Quarter

Similar to the last three weeks, the Browns started off slow on both sides of the ball. The defense let the Buffalo Bills march down the field on two consecutive drives to begin in the game and put the Browns in a 14-0 hole. The offense went three and out on the first two possessions and the rough start made it difficult to come back from.

The Browns knew the scouting report coming into the game and could have prepared for a better start. The offense was not clicking and the defense could not stop Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick on the first two possessions.

Offensive Play Calling

The Browns were not creative at all with the offensive play calling. On the first two drives, the running plays resulted in negative yardage and did not fool anyone.

There has been a lot of discussion about Brandon Weeden in the last couple of weeks. Weeden has proven to be able to throw the ball down the field but there were several play calls where it was third and long and the call was for a shorter amount of yards needed. Weeden did struggle as the game wound down in the fourth quarter but some of the offensive play calls didn’t set him and the offense up for success.

Brandon Weeden

Weeden has been a key topic of discussion on local sports talk in Cleveland the last two weeks and the growing pains are still there. Weeden has proven he can look downfield and has a great arm but still plays like he is in college at times. Weeden has tried to force throws into double coverage. Towards the end of the game, Weeden was trying to force a big play rather than let it happen.

Trent Richardson

The first couple drives were rough but Trent Richardson did make some good plays as the game went on. Richardon did score a touchdown for the Browns and got positive yardage to help key drives alive.


The replacement refs have been a topic of discussion the two weeks but the Browns made some dumb penalties in this game. D’Qwell Jackson should not have taken that late hit penalty and the holding calls on the offensive line stalled drives.

Pat Shurmer

With the new owner Jimmy Haslam coming in for mid-October, Pat Shurmer’s days in Cleveland could be numbered. Shurmer has not taken the Browns in the direction they had hoped for and the team has regressed since he took over. Shurmer has not done a great job using the offensive tools he has on the team and has not put a productive product on the field.

Last season, there was talk that Shurmer took on too much without having an offensive coordinator and that may have been the case. With a new offensive coordinator this season in Brad Childress, there has not been much improvement. Shurmer is throwing a rookie quarterback into an offensive system he himself is still teaching to the offense and may not be setting up Weeden for success. With how Weeden has struggled, Colt McCoy could be an option.

Speculation is running around that team president Mike Holmgren could be let go once Haslam takes over. Holmgren made the decision to fire previous head coach Eric Mangini and hired Shurmer in his place. Mangini was not very successful and struggled as head coach of the Browns but showed creativity and tried to get the most of the talent he had on the roster. Shurmer’s play calling is mundane and has struggled to get the most out of what he has to work with.


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