Thoughts on the Browns Loss to the Bengals

Brandon Weeden

The rookie quarterback improved greatly from last week. No interceptions and Weeden connected with several of his receivers at key times during the game. Weeden helped orchestrate several drives during the game to keep the Browns in this one.

Weeden seemed to shrug off last week’s horrible start against the Philadelphia Eagles and looked more comfortable out there. Weeden didn’t give up and kept the Browns in this game.

Trent Richardson

Richardson is proving to be the player that Browns wanted when they traded up to draft him several months ago. Richardson had two touchdowns in the game, had a couple of great runs and fights for the extra yards. He is filling the hole left by Peyton Hillis. 


The Browns took too many dumb penalties and it ended up costing them at certain times. Dimitri Patterson should not have been lined up in the neutral zone twice in this game and there were several instances in which the Bengals caught a break because of a penalty.

Browns Special Teams

This would have been a different game had the Browns not given up that punt return touchdown in the first quarter. Adam Jones almost went untouched for the score.

Browns Offensive Play Calling

Pat Shurmer was showing more creative offensive play calling at times and the Browns did a better job of converting on third down. That kept drives alive and made the game competitive.

Replacement Refs

There were two instances in which the clock kept running when it should have been stopped.

I Would Have Had To Buy A Friend Ice Cream In College With This Loss

I know this thought is random but I kept thinking how I would have had to have bought my friend Stephanie from college ice cream after this loss. Stephanie was a huge Bengals fan and the two of us always made bets over ice cream with this rivalry. She was passionate about the Bengals and I was passionate about the Browns and the loser always had to pay for the ice cream. One of the last time’s we made this bet, I had to wear a Carson Palmer jersey to the ice cream store as an added stipulation.


~ by jeffrsabo on September 16, 2012.

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