Announcing Solon Volleyball = Awesome Experience

Volleyball had always been a sport I enjoyed watching but never had much of an opportunity to announce growing up. During my four years of high school, I only announced one volleyball game and I know I am going to date myself when I mention that the rules used included sideout scoring (where you have to have the serve to score a point) and not rally scoring (which is currently used). I only announced one Solon High School volleyball game in high school but always enjoyed watching the sport on television when the Olympics came around every four years.

Several years after I called my only volleyball game, the opportunity came to announce another Solon volleyball game and I said yes to the chance. I know the rules were going to be different from the last time I called a volleyball game but wanted to have another chance to announce.

Knowing that I needed a refresher on some of the rules, I decided to scout out the Solon volleyball game a couple nights before. Understanding who the players were and their strengths and weaknesses was going to be a must but knowing the rules was a necessity as well. I understood that a point is scored on every play with rally scoring but figured a refresher on some of the other rules would help as well.

Scouting was easier than I thought it would be and with the help of some of the current Solon coaches and former coaches, I was able to get a better understanding of the game. It helped being able to talk with these people and would help out with the broadcast two nights later.

On my drive to the gym the night of the broadcast, I started to get excited like I always did when announcing games in high school and college. I always got excited to call a football game or basketball game but calling a sport that isn’t seen as much on television like volleyball is always fun to announce. It is an opportunity to watch another sport that isn’t seen as much on TV is always a pleasure.

When arriving at the gym, I was glad to see my broadcast partner Jason and I were going to be on the bleacher side of the stands and not at the scorer’s table. The scorer’s table isn’t bad to call a basketball game but having a seat that is a little further up the stands is better for calling a volleyball game. It offers a better view and makes it easier to see if the ball stays in bounds on attacks.

Jason was a little nervous before the game but he felt more comfortable when I went over the rules, the scouting reports and the information sheets I typed up beforehand with him. Going over the gameplan as to how we were going to do the introduction helped and he did a great job picking up the nuances of the game as the match went on. He did a great job on the broadcast.

I felt really relaxed when calling the game and couldn’t help but really get into it as it went on. It was fun to see the fans get excited as the first and second sets were close and both teams made some incredible plays. Fans from both sides started to really pay close attention as the two teams traded leads in the first and second sets and it made for an incredible atmosphere inside the gym.

Solon outside hitter Kristi Tekavec was one of the most fun players to watch from Solon and it was incredible to see her play with passion. She really played well with her teammates and had some awesome kills throughout the night.

Solon managed to get the victory that night and it was an incredible evening. I was excited after the taping had ended up was grateful for the experience. It took me a while to calm down afterwards but it was an experience that was worth being apart of.

~ by jeffrsabo on September 16, 2012.

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