Solon vs. Glenville- Always A Classic Matchup

The setting for the first matchup between Solon and Glenville was perfect. It was a playoff game at Lakewood Stadium in 2000 and cold November air was brisk. Solon was the team favored to go far into the playoffs while Glenville was starting to begin their dynasty as one of the top powerhouses in Northeast Ohio football.

The two teams matched up well on paper and what transpired on the field was one of the most exciting matchups during the 2000 season. Both teams traded touchdowns and defensive stops back and forth and the game eventually went into overtime. Solon managed to go ahead in the extra session and it came down to one pass for Glenville.

Glenville’s quarterback rolled out and tried to throw down the middle and missed by a matter of inches. Solon would eventually go on to reach the state championship game but the history between these two teams was far from over.

The teams have met again on and off since that 2000 matchup in Lakewood. Players have graduated and moved on but one thing has remained the same; a classic is born whenever these two teams meet on the gridiron.

The most recent matchup between these two teams occurred in 2009 and similar to the first matchup nine years before, it was on a cold November night. The setting was Byers Field in Parma and it didn’t take too long for both sides to fill their respective sides. With a stadium packed on both sides, two teams that have a history of putting together incredible games were set to meet once again.

Glenville dominated in the first half of what looked like a lopsided game but Solon had other plans. Staying true to a “never quit” attitude, what was becoming lopsided turned into another classic game as Solon constantly fought back to put points on the board and inch closer to taking the lead.

Instead of it coming down to a pass play, it came down to a field goal attempt. With the field goal, Solon would go on to win and move on. Glenville would go home if the ball passed through the uprights.

The snap was good, the kick was up and it was clear it had the distance. As the ball got closer to the goalposts, it drifted over to the side and Solon’s hopes of moving on faded as the kick missed the uprights. With just one play, Solon’s season was over and Glenville would move on.

The two teams will meet in the regular season this Friday and it won’t be at Byers Field or Lakewood Stadium; the setting will be Stewart Field in Solon. With it being the second week of the season, both teams will go on to play the rest of their schedules but the matchup will still be intense.

Solon “never quit” against Shaker Heights and rolled out with a 24-21 victory at home; Glenville dropped a 42-14 opening week game to St. Edward’s. The season is still young and while many believe Glenville isn’t as strong as they used to be, there is one thing they always have in common with Solon: depth. Glenville always has the depth and the speed Solon has and both teams love to make the most on the field.



~ by jeffrsabo on August 27, 2012.

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