Finding a Home for a Dog

A friend of mine wanted to pass along the following message in regards to a dog who needs a home:

He’s probably over 100 pounds, 6 years old, black/white with blue eyes, and not neutered. The medic who is trying to get him a home says he is SO SO SO sweet! Why does Dakota need a home? He does have one right now. The man who owns him does not want him, so lets the dog wander around Columbus. My fiance’s brother is a medic at the station where Dakota runs. He cares for the dog while he is on shift, but can’t take him back to his apartment. They all say how sweet this dog is!

I have never met him. I don’t know how he would handler another dog. He may LOVE other dogs, he may hate them. I would assume he needs a home as an only or first dog. He is a Husky, which means he needs LOTS of exercise. A fenced in yard is perfect, but honestly, anything is better than where he is now.

I also know of 2 small dogs (Cocker Spaniel mix and a King Charles Cavalier mix) who need homes. All three (2 small dogs and Dakota) are FREE TO A GOOD HOME!!!! I can help find cheap spay/neuter clinics and vaccine clinics. I can also help hook people up with training classes to help the tranisition.

If you know of anyone looking for a dog….feel free to pass along my email ( and/or my cell phone number (614-256-7099). Poodles are my thing, but you never know what comes into rescue!!



~ by jeffrsabo on July 4, 2012.

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