Inconsisent Pitching has Hindered the Tribe

Offense can help score runs but inconsistent pitching will lead to inconsistent play. The Indians tried in the offseason to upgrade the offense but the starting pitching has prevented them from being consistent. The Indians have had stretches of win streaks but many of been offset by poor pitching afterwards.

Justin Masterson, considered to be a cornerstone of the Indians’ rotation last year, has lost some of his velocity and has not been dominant this season. Masterson has started out slow in many of his starts and has given up runs early on in many of the games he has pitched. Masterson does get a key strikeout here and there but has not been the dominant force he was one year ago.

Fans were mixed on the trade that brought Ubaldo Jimenez to Cleveland and critics of the trade have been proven that the trade may not have been worth it after all. The trade to get Jimenez forced the Indians to part with top prospects in Alex White and Drew Pomeranz. Pomeranz and White were both considered to be prized possessions and giving both of them up for Jimenez has been questioned. Jimenez, who had a couple of good seasons early on in his career but has mainly floated close to a .500 mark, has had difficulty finding the strike zone. Jimenez has walked a lot of batters this season and has struggled in starts because of it. Control problems have been an issue and Jimenez has not been the dominant force the Indians hoped they would be getting when they made the trade one season ago.

Josh Tomlin was a dominant force in the rotation last season but has been battered in a lot of his starts. Tomlin’s breaking pitches and curves have been crushed this season and has put the Indians behind in several games. Hitters seem to be more patient with Tomlin this season and many of his pitches have found their way into the outfield grandstands.

Reaching the post season is a goal for the Indians this season but it will need to start with more consistent pitching to help create more wins.


~ by jeffrsabo on June 3, 2012.

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