Manning To The Browns? Unlikely

Peyton Manning is no longer a member of the Indianapolis Colts. It’s hard to believe that a player who helped grow the franchise into one of the NFL’s toughest powerhouses and won a Super Bowl was released this past week. The Colts parted ways with one of the best quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL and will be going in another direction.

Manning is available but the Browns have not indicated that they are interested in Manning. The Browns tried to trade up to get RG3 but failed to do so. Even under those circumstances, it’s unlikely Manning will be wearing orange and brown in the future.

The Browns regressed a bit last season and Manning could be an offensive risk for the Browns. Manning has been cleared by doctors to play but there is no telling whether or not the 35-year-old veteran can still produce and take a beating. Manning did not play at all last season and with hard hitting teams like Pittsburgh and Baltimore in the same division, the risk for Manning to get hurt while wearing a Browns uniform is high.

Finding the right quarterback has been a task the Browns have not accomplished since coming back and bringing in a veteran with a bad neck may not be the best direction to go in. The Browns failed to improve much when they tried to bring in Jeff Garcia, Trent Dilfer and Jake Delhomme towards the end of their careers. These experiments did not pan out and the team was forced to throw younger quarterbacks in as a result of injuries or not picking up another system. Manning has done well in spread offenses but an injury could force the Browns to utilize Seneca Wallace or Colt McCoy, which would defeat the purpose of bringing Manning in.

McCoy struggled last season but the Browns seem to be committed to him. General Manager Tom Heckert seems to still believe in McCoy and the Browns want to give him a fair chance. McCoy will be in Pat Shurmer’s new system for the second season in a row and the Browns seem to be optimistic he can turn the offense around.

Manning did help turn the Colts around but seems to be drawing interest from other teams. Reports have surfaced that he Denver, Arizona and Miami are interested. Manning either has or will visit these places while the Browns have not scheduled or made an attempt to bring Manning in.


~ by jeffrsabo on March 11, 2012.

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