Who is Ready for Overtime?!!

“Who is ready for overtime?!!!”

It was minutes before I had to go back on the air and I couldn’t help but shout that from my perch at the Gilmour Ice Arena. Solon and Brecksville-Broadview Heights had played an incredible three periods of hockey and I was about to witness how it would end with an overtime period. In three periods, we had seen both teams trade goals, penalties, and leads.

I get fired up easily for a close game but this feeling was a lot different. I hadn’t felt this way in a quite a long time and was happy to be in the moment. I was doing my first announcing gig in over a year and tried to savor the moment for as long as it lasted. I hadn’t felt that way in a long time and I wanted to keep that with me for as long as possible.

When announcing a close game, it’s easy to feel a rush that is like nothing else. It comes when two teams are fighting it out until the very end and your voice and enthusiasm can take the audience there.

I remember having this feeling my senior year of high school when Solon was playing Kenston in what was a physical game. Solon had been down for most of the game until a miracle happened. Kenston was forced to punt and not too long after the ball was snapped, Solon stepped in and blocked it. I couldn’t help but jump up and down as a Solon player fell on the lose ball to get the go ahead touchdown.

A couple years later, it was a Saturday afternoon and I had a broadcast partner who was equally as excited as I was. Otterbein was playing arch rival Capital that day to open up the new Memorial Stadium and the two of us were excited to get the call. Otterbein started out slow but in the second half, the excitement began to rise. Otterbein was making a comeback and neither one of us could stand still during the fourth quarter. Otterbein took down Capital on their own home turf and the excitement of that quarter is one of my favorite memories.

Not too long after that game, I stood on the sidelines of a soccer field for an Otterbein women’s soccer playoff game. Otterbein was favored and as the offense rolled, I couldn’t help but create a signature saying:


I hadn’t called much soccer but couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment.

Another senior year rolls around and instead of a football game, I was in the press box of the Rike Center at Otterbein to watch the Otterbein Women’s basektball team take on Capital. I had called this rivalry on the basketball court before but this time, it was our senior year and the last home game of the season. Capital crept up and took a lead late in the game but then a miracle happened:

“Sara Fee for three…and it’s in!!!!”

With a shot from halfcourt, my friend and fellow Otterbein guard Sara Fee sank one in at the buzzer to take down Capital. I was excited as the people running onto the court and had the rush at that moment.

Years pass by and I am sitting at the top of a local ice arena calling a high school hockey game between Solon and Brecksville-Broadview Heights. Both teams battle it out and the game goes into overtime. Before the extra session begins, the rush is on and I had to ask out loud:

“Who is ready for overtime?!!!”



~ by jeffrsabo on January 13, 2012.

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