Thoughts and Questions on Seneca Wallace

During last week’s game against Arizona, Wallace seemed to have a better handle on the West Coast Offense

Wallace has had experience in the West Coast Offense and it showed on the field against the Cardinals. Wallace was able to put together drives in the first half, worked well with the receivers, and knew when to throw the ball away.

Could Wallace be a starting quarterback next season for the Browns?

Wallace is considered a career backup but managed to keep the Browns in the game closer than what many expected. Wallace knew the offense, was able to put together a drive early on and had a better grasp on the offense. Wallace did not win the game but keeping him around next season may not be a bad idea.

Wallace looked like a leader on the field

Wallace has not played much this season but was a leader on the field last week against Arizona. Wallace commanded the offense well in the first half, seemed to pull the team together and things started to click better.

Could Wallace do well against one of the Baltimore Ravens, who have one of the best defenses in the NFL?

This still remains to be seen but Wallace was obviously onto something against the Cardinals. The Cardinals do not have the defense the Ravens do but Wallace managed to help get an offense touchdown early on in the game. The Ravens defense is one of the best in the NFL but Wallace seemed to understand when to throw the ball away and avoid sacks.

How can Wallace do against the Pittsburgh Steelers on New Year’s Day?

Similar to the point above, this still remains to be seen. The Steelers got a taste of what the Browns could be capable of in a rivalry game but have not seen Seneca Wallace. The Browns will have nothing left to lose except the game on this day while the Steelers may have more to lose. Wallace has more experience and may keep the ball away from Troy Polamalu.



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