Shurmer’s Excuse For Letting Colt McCoy Play

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has a reputation for making punishing hits on opposing. Harrison has been fined by the league numerous times for illegal hits on opposing players and the punishment has had no effect on how he plays.

Against the Browns on Thursday night, Harrison put an illegal hit on Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, giving the young quarterback a concussion.

Debate has been sparked as to whether or not Harrison deserves to be suspended for his actions, however, health and concussion experts are questioning why Browns head coach Pat Shurmer put McCoy back into the game. McCoy, who was knocked out on the play, came back in 80 seconds after walking off the field and was later diagnosed with a concussion.

When asked why McCoy was put back into the game, Shurmer’s response was that the quarterback “showed no signs” of a concussion until after the game.

Shurmer has been around the game of football for a long time and the research on concussions has increased within the last couple of years. Shurmer has seen hard hits and numerous studies on concussions have been done and made available to not only professional teams but to coaches at the college and high school level as well.

Shurmer was well aware Harrison has been the cause of many player concussions due to the illegal hits and had a front row seat for his hit on McCoy. Harrison took out Josh Cribbs and Mohammed Massaquoi last year in a game and has probably seen those replays over and over again.

McCoy may not have shown the symptoms of a concussion early on but it was apparent that the quarterback was hurt from Harrison’s hit. McCoy was knocked out cold, took minutes before he could get up and was clearly affected by the hit put on by Harrison. The signs of a concussion may not have been apparent at that time but it was apparent the hit changed McCoy at that very minute.

Shurmer said the Browns followed protocol before putting McCoy back in, however, it was later discovered that McCoy couldn’t remember anything that happened after the hit. McCoy had difficulty remembering what happened after Harrison knocked him out, couldn’t remember the interception he threw late in the game and had trouble answering media questions after the game. If McCoy couldn’t fully answer questions from reporters after the game, how could he have answered if he was okay after that hit from Harrison?


~ by jeffrsabo on December 11, 2011.

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