More Thoughts on Outdoor Hockey at Progressive Field

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I had seen the rink on the infield two days earlier but the sight was still amazing. As I walked into Progressive Field to take pictures of the Solon vs Cleveland Heights game on Sunday, I still couldn’t believe how beautiful it was to see the outdoor hockey rink on the infield. The weather was a bit warmer and rain was in the forecast but the sheet of ice still looked incredible.

Even though it wasn’t as cold as it was two nights ago, being right next to the rink still sent a chill down my spine. It was still hard to believe that an actual outdoor hockey rink was sitting right on a baseball field I had watched the Indians play on since I was a kid. I had seen cities like Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Boston put up outdoor hockey rinks inside their football and baseball stadiums and it still felt like a dream come true to see one in front of my own eyes in Cleveland.

Right next to the rink is the long mile skating track put up for the Indians’ Snow Days event at Progressive Field and I noticed more people stopped by to take pictures and ask what was going on. One girl who was skating around stopped and asked how old the kids were playing (I told them they were high school kids) and as it turns out, she was a big hockey fan. She mentioned she played when she lived in California and it was interesting to see local high school teams playing on an outdoor rink in Cleveland. Many others stopped to take a picture of the Zamboni going onto the ice or to simply watch a couple minutes of the action going on.

As the teams were about to faceoff, Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Christmas Eve/Sarejavo 24/7” played across the loud speakers. I don’t know if it was planned that way but I thought that a hard rocking song like that was appropriate for the outdoor setting.  It was quite an experience hearing that song and several of my other favorite holiday tunes blasting on the loud speakers as the game was going on.

In addition to the music, it was fun seeing video clips on the scoreboard from the various holiday specials I grew up with.


~ by jeffrsabo on December 8, 2011.

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