Browns Thoughts on Loss to the Bengals

The Browns Should Have Won This Game

The Bengals had not led at all in this ballgame until very late in the fourth quarter. The Browns started off strong on their opening drive and had the lead up until Mike Nugent gave Cincinnati a 23-20 lead late in the fourth quarter. The Browns had control of this game and should have won.

Colt McCoy’s Interception Was the Difference Maker

Colt McCoy threw into double coverage late in the second half and the momentum changed after that turnover. McCoy was better off throwing the ball away at that point and it gave the Bengals the opportunity needed to get back into the ballgame.

The Browns Drop Too Many Passes

Not all of receivers are at fault for the dropped passes but it made a difference when the Browns needed to put together a drive late in the game. We needed a long distance drive late in the game and it was stalled because of the dropped passes.

The Browns Offense Looked Better with Peyton Hillis

Peyton Hillis was returning from injury and he helped the Browns in short yardage gain situations. Having him out there helped keep the Browns in the game.

Pontbriand Messed Up Again?

For the second time, a poor snap by Brian Pontrbriand cost the Browns a game. Special teams has been a weakness this season for the Browns and they should not have missed that field goal late in the game.

Carson Who?

Andy Dalton has continued to impress a lot of people as the starting quarterback for the Bengals. Dalton never let his emotions get the best of him, kept the Bengals in this game and managed to find receiver AJ Green at several key times of the game.



~ by jeffrsabo on November 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Browns Thoughts on Loss to the Bengals”

  1. You can’t say Pontbriand’s bad snap lost the game. It was bad offensive play calling and bad defense that lost the game. Playing for the field goal, then attempting a 54 yarder into the wind was stupid. Then the defense completely broke down at the end.

    • Good point. The offensive play calling was not the greatest and the defense was worn out at the end. We relied too much on hoping to make a field goal and didn’t get a touchdown when we needed it.

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