Solon vs Mentor Preview

When I walk into Byers Field later tonight, I know the weather will be cold. I know both sides of the stadium will be filled and each side will be making lots of noise. There will not be an empty seat inside the old stadium tonight and the noise level and atmosphere for “The Rematch” will be incredible between Solon and Mentor.

Even though the outcome has yet to be determined, Solon has had a history with this facility in the playoffs. Solon usually ends up playing at least one playoff game each season at Byers Field and they are usually against tough opponents. In 2000, Solon knocked off a St. Ignatius team they were not supposed to beat on that very field and in recent years, had games come down to a field goal against Mayfield and Glenville. These games were close and not easy games to play.

This time around, it will be The Rematch against Mentor. The two teams usually meet during the regular season in what is always an anticipated matchup. The two schools have high enrollment and have some of the most competitive public school programs in the Northeast Ohio area. The two are usually evenly matched on paper and on the field and the score is usually close.

Unlike the regular season matchup where both teams continue to play on to finish their seasons, the loser will go home and the winner will continue the quest for a state championship.

When Solon and Mentor walk onto the field tonight, the season will be at stake. Both teams have gotten to the state championship game within the past 11 years but have yet to hold up a state title trophy. Both teams want to continue on to play for the title at Fawcett Stadium and will not go down quietly.

When these two teams take the field tonight, it will be cold, it will be loud and the atmosphere will be incredible. We will be in for a great football game.


~ by jeffrsabo on November 12, 2011.

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