Thoughts on the Browns Loss to the 49ers….

Slow Offense Starts Continue to Haunt the Browns

When Colt McCoy fumbled to begin the game, it gave the 49ers the momentum needed to get on the board first and force the Browns to come from behind. The Browns offense was flat in the first half and it gave San Francisco too many opportunities to take a demanding lead

Browns Defense Stepped Up at Times But We Relied Too Much On It

The Browns defense stopped the 49ers on the goal line and on third down on multiple occasions, however, the lackluster offense could not take advantage. The Browns defense was able to hold the 49ers at key times but the offense could not convert back on the ensuing possession.
Why Do the Browns Try and Do Trick Plays When All We Need Is A Short Gain On Third dDown?

I kept asking this question numerous times when the Browns tried screen plays and swing passes when it was third and short.

McCoy Can Get Aggressive But Throws Into Double Coverage

McCoy tried to get back into the game early in the second half but throwing into double coverage led to an interception. McCoy will need to learn where other receivers are and understand his options

Jim Harbaugh Has Revitalized This 49ers Team

What a difference one year and a coach makes. Harbaugh had creative play calling, has made Alex Smith comfortable on the field and those are the key reasons the 49ers have won five in a row.


~ by jeffrsabo on October 30, 2011.

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