Loud Crowd- Indians vs Yankees- Reflections from Fourth of July

In the late innings of July 4th’s game between the Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees, the fans were loud. If you were wearing a Chief Wahoo on the front of your shirt, you were probably making noise. If you had a Yankees logo on the front of your shirt, chances are, you were making loud noise too.

Both teams, which have had a unique history against one another, drew pretty well as they met for the first game of the series Monday at Progressive Field. Many fans were colors to support the Wahoo nation and just as many fans wore shirts to support the Bronx Bombers.

With a 2-0  lead in the seventh innings, the Yankees fans were making noise and lots of it. They saw right fielder Nick Swisher put the Yankees in the lead with a double that scored two. As Swisher rounded first and headed for second, anyone rooting for the Yankees was making noise at that moment.

Not too long after the third out was recorded to end that half of the inning, Cleveland Indians fans were given a reason to make noise.

After cutting the lead to one run, Austin Kearns stepped up the plate for the Indians. With two runners on, many Indians fans only had one thought running through their mind as Kearns stepped up to bat:

“Uh oh!”

Kearns had barely hit it out of the infield this season, was known for killing ralleys late in games and striking out at key times. Many Indians fans were wondering why Kearns was even batting at this time.

With one swing of the bat, many who groaned in previous at bats when watching Kearns had a reason to cheer and make noise.

Kearns connected off a pitch from Yankee ace AJ Burnett that sailed over the right field wall to give the Indians the 4-2 lead. As the ball sailed over Swisher’s head and into the stands, those who came to cheer on the Indians stood up and got loud.

Even though Kearns didn’t take a curtain call, Indians fans continued to cheer and be loud. They cheered as the bullpen retired the Yankees in the eight inning, they cheered as the Indians increased their lead with a two run home run by Carlos Santana and they cheered when Chris Perez came from the bullpen to close out the game against the Bronx Bombers.

In previous years, the crowds at Yankees and Indians games were loud but Monday night was special. Just one year ago, the Indians struggled against the Yankees at home and on the road and Tribe fans did not have much to cheer about as the Yankees dominated the season series. Just one year later, with a better record, a better outlook and improvement, the Indians gave their fans something to cheer about.


~ by jeffrsabo on July 7, 2011.

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