Great to See a Full Ballpark

Prior to starting the series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Cleveland Indians had struggled. The team lost key series to the Yankees and the Tigers and many wondered if the team would continue to regress.

Before Friday night’s game against the Pirates, I wondered what the attendance was going to be like as the Indians returned home from a poorly played road trip. It was a rough road trip for the Indians and many fans wondered if the team was going to continue to lose as June went on. It was a Dollar Dog night with 80s fireworks but with rumblings and frustrations from the road trip, I wondered what the attendance was going to be like going into the game.

As the game went on, the seats continue to fill and close to 40,000 people filed in to see the opening game between the Indians and the Pirates. It was a promotional night and many fans filed in to watch the game, eat one dollar hot dogs and stayed for the 80s fireworks.

After going to several game last season where the attendance was spares, it was great to see the ballpark full again even after a bad road trip.

Growing up during the heyday of the mid-90s, it was always a great atmosphere when the ballpark was filled to the brim with load fans. The energy inside the ballpark was amazing and it was always fun going to the ballpark.

Last season as the Indians struggled in almost every way possible, I still enjoyed going to the ballpark but it was a much different atmosphere without the larger number of fans. The team struggled and couldn’t draw many fans even for a Fourth of July game and their annual series against the Yankees did not draw in as many fans as the previous seasons. It was a quiet atmosphere inside the ballpark and much different.

Even though Saturday’s game did not bring in as many fans, the atmosphere inside was still electric like the night before and having more fans in the seats made it louder and a more enjoyable game. It was great to see the fans come out again for another game in the series and to watch the Indians play on. Having more people inside the ballpark makes for a better atmosphere and makes the games more exciting.



~ by jeffrsabo on June 19, 2011.

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