The Indians Neet Some Bats in the Lineup

In the film Major League, Pedro Cerrano’s character claimed that his figurine, named Joe Boo, could wake up his bats and help him hit. Cerrano’s character truly believed that the figurine helped with his hitting and helped him perform better.

Even though the character of Joe Boo is fictional, one thing is true about the real life Cleveland Indians; something needs to be done to wake up the bats and the offense in the lineup. Since losing Travis Hafner to the lineup, the Indians offense has been asleep.

For starters, one area that needs to be tweaked is the designated hitter position. Since Hafner went to the disabled list, the Indians have struggled finding a DH to take his spot in the lineup. Travis Buck worked well for about a week since being called up from Columbus but his bat has cooled off. Shelley Duncan has not been a consistent enough hitter to provide a spark as the DH and Grady Sizemore struggled at the position in the series against Tampa Bay. To win in the American League, you need to have a DH that is consistent and can drive runs in and ever since Hafner went to the DL, that has been missing.

In addition to having a weak DH, there have been a couple of other weak spots in the lineup. Austin Kearns has struggled at the plate this season and has not provided much offense to the lineup. While Kearns is a veteran, he is not proving he can produce and designating him for assignment could be a possibility. Adam Everett has struggled both at the plate and on the field and moving him to make room for another prospect.

With the season winding away and the trade deadline coming up soon, the Indians could be looking to their farm system to provide spark to the lineup. Making a trade could mean giving up prospects, which the Indians may not want to do at this time. With Lonnie Chisenhall, Jason Kipnis and Jason Donald waiting in the wings, calling these players up and giving them a chance may not be a bad option. The Indians will need to see if these players can contribute at the big league level and giving them a chance now may be a good opportunity to do so.

As the season rolls on, the Indians cannot afford to go on multi-game losing streaks and the offense will need to improve if they want to win the Central Division.


~ by jeffrsabo on June 8, 2011.

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