Winnipeg Off To Fast Start With Season Tickets

Days after True North announced it was purchasing the Atlanta Thrashers and moving them to Winnipeg, local interest in the team has picked up. Even though the name of the Winnipeg team has not been announced, over 4,000 season tickets have been sold. With a goal of 13,000 over the next couple weeks in mind, local interest is definitely brewing for NHL hockey in Winnipeg.

Since losing the Jets in 1996 when the team moved to Arizona to become the Phoenix Coyotes, bringing the NHL back has been a goal and interest to the people in Winnipeg. An aging Winnipeg Arena was replaced with the MTS Centre, which might be the smallest arena in the NHL but seems to be viable enough to support an NHL franchise. Local corporate interest has helped pave the path for the NHL to return to Winnipeg and it seems that the city will be able to support the team.

During the absence of the NHL, the city of Winnipeg has support the American Hockey League’s Manitoba Moose. The Moose are a minor league team and will most likely be leaving town with the arrival of the NHL but the city did support the team during those years. Fans came out to watch minor league hockey after losing the NHL and now with the “major leagues” coming back to town, local interest is generating quickly for the franchise.

On the day True North held a press conference to announce they had acquired the Thrashers and were moving them to Winnipeg, thousands of people gathered for the news conference. Many of them wore old Winnipeg Jets jerseys left over and excitement began to brew from that moment. These fans were hungry to hear whether or not the NHL would be returning to Winnipeg and the heavy interest and excitement began when the announcement became official.

Even though the name has not been announced, using the name Jets would be a logical choice. Many fans in Winnipeg grew up watching the Jets play and it is still a recognizable and familiar name. The team will not be allowed to use the name Thrashers as it was not apart of the sale, which could pave the way for the team to be called the Jets.

With season ticket sales on the rise, local interest is brewing in Winnipeg for the new NHL team. When it comes to drop the puck in the fall, there will probably be no empty seats at the MTS Centre.



~ by jeffrsabo on June 5, 2011.

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