Looks Like Mike Brown is Heading West

A lot has happened to former Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown in one year.

One year ago, Brown was let go by the Cavaliers despite being the winningest coach in team history. Brown managed to lead the Cavaliers to the best record in the NBA a couple seasons in a row, the NBA Finals in 2007 and made the Cavaliers one of the most feared teams in the NBA.

The only problem was he could never bring home a championship.

Since being let go by the Cavaliers, Brown took time off from coaching to focus on family life. He helped coach his son’s eighth grade football team, spent more time with his wife and even took the occasional analyst gig for ESPN broadcasts. Brown didn’t seem too interested in coming back to coach during this time.

When former Lakers coach Phil Jackson decided to retire after the end of this season, Brown’s life changed again.

Brown was interviewed by the Lakers and the man who many thought would not roam the sidelines again seems to be heading out west. Coaching one of the most storied franchises in NBA history is not an opportunity every coach gets and Brown seems to be taking full advantage.

Whether or not Brown will succeed is still being debated. Brown was given all of the tools to win a championship in Cleveland but could not make adjustments at key times and fell short of expectations. Brown managed to build teams capable of winning during the regular season but sometimes struggled during the playoffs and never brought home an NBA title to Cleveland.

In Los Angeles, he will have a team filled with depth in the Lakers. Even though he is towards the end of his career, Kobe Bryant is still one of the most feared players out on the court and when given a great cast of characters to work with and a great offense, he can excel. Many of the other Lakers players seem to be excited to work with Brown and a change could be what the Lakers need to bring another title to Los Angeles.


~ by jeffrsabo on May 26, 2011.

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