Anyone Else Catching Indians Fever?

“Let’s Go Tribe! Let’s Go Tribe!”

During the mid-90’s, it was commonplace to hear this chant inside Progressive Field (then Jacobs Field) before, during and after games. With the team winning and in first place most of the time during that era, fans were excited to come to the ballpark each night and often left with a victory added to the win column. The atmosphere inside the stadium was loud during that era and the fans were excited for each and every game.

Last night, that same excitement from the mid-90’s returned.

“Let’s Go Tribe! Let’s Go Tribe!”

As the Indians went into the 9th inning down 3-2 to the visiting Seattle Mariners, that chant and the same loud atmosphere that characterized many of the games from the mid-90’s returned as over 33,000 fans (over 8,000 of them walk ups) wanted to see the Tribe pull off a victory. By the time Indians Designated Hitter Travis Hafner stepped up to the plate for what would be the winning at bat, every fan was standing and cheering as loudly as they could. It has been many years since the teams of the mid-90’s took the field but the same loud atmosphere was there as Hafner awaited the pitch he would belt over centerfield for the victory.

During that at bat with Hafner, memories of standing and yelling loudly for a late inning victory during the mid-90’s returned. It had been a long time since I was at an Indians game that loud and couldn’t help but remember all of those games growing up in which the fans were loud and proud of it.

When Hafner’s shot cleared the centerfield wall and gave the Indians the victory, everyone in the stadium was still standing, cheering and giving each other high fives like they did in the mid-90’s. These fans were joyed the Indians managed to pull off another late inning victory on what has been a fun season so far and excited for the post-game fireworks afterwards.

After the fireworks ended and fans filed out of the stadium, the same chant was heard again:

“Lets Go Tribe! Let’s Go Tribe!”

I looked at my friends as we were walking out and listening to this chant and couldn’t believe our ears. After years of walking out of a quieter atmosphere, it was joyful to hear the excitement and enthusiasm the fans were showing towards the Indians. The fans have caught Indian Fever again and if the Tribe continues to win, we can see it last for the entire season.

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~ by jeffrsabo on May 14, 2011.

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