Alex White-Impressive So Far

As April came to a close, the Cleveland Indians made a decision to call up Alex White from AAA Columbus. White has been one of the top rated prospects in the Indians farm system for the past couple seasons and with how well the Tribe had been playing in April, the Indians though it might be worth giving White a shot at the big leagues. White wasn’t on the Opening Day roster but has performed well in his first two starts at the Major League level and has benefited from run support.

In his first two starts, White did not look nervous out there and seemed pretty confident when he took the mound. Even though the pressure may have been on to win (the Indians have been playing better then most people expected this season), White has been confident in his first two starts and did not seem to get rattled whenever he let runners get on base. Having confidence is key to succeeding at the Major League level and White seems to possess that.

When watching White on the mound, his style is impressive and he is not afraid to go after strong hitters in the lineup. Instead of trying to force better hitters to chase bad pitches, White seems comfortable enough to utilize his fastball and throw into the strike zone. When pitching against the Angels last night, White was not afraid to go with his fastball with patient hitters and managed to get out of a couple of jams that way. White was able to hold his own and pitch six solid innings to earn his first Major League victory.

During his first couple of starts, White has had the benefit of run support and has been able to work with a lead. As a young pitcher, a lineup will need to give a young starter run support and some lead way. The Indians lineup has put runs on the board and given some room with White to work with. As a result, White has pitched well and has already earned his first Major League victory within his first two starts.

As the season goes on, White has potential to be even more impressive and has shown that promise so far.


~ by jeffrsabo on May 8, 2011.

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