Thanks to the Monsters For An Awesome Season!

This past week, the Lake Erie Monsters 2010-2011 season ended with a 4-1 loss to the Manitoba Moose in Game 7 of the American Hockey League (AHL) playoffs. The team had battled hard but could not put the Moose away and with the loss came the end to their season.

As the final horn sounded and both teams shook hands (a playoff tradition) at center ice, I couldn’t help but want to show my appreciation for the Monsters and their management. The team played well on the ice, brought in lots of people to their games and made this one of the most memorable seasons I have had following a Cleveland hockey team. With every game I went to came a great experience that made for a fun season following the Monsters.

From the very first game, it seemed like the season was going to be special and the strong and loud atmosphere at the games was present from the very start. On Opening Night, the place was packed, the fans were ready for some pucks and the Monsters wore commemorative uniforms with the old Cleveland Barons logo on it to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the AHL. The crowd was loud and the fans were proud the team looked like they were going to have a strong season.

As the season went on, I had the opportunity to take several of my friends to the games and managed to get them hooked. For a lot of the games I took others to, the team won and my friends couldn’t help but notice the loud and fun atmosphere inside the building. My friends had fun and a lot of them would ask me from time to time how the team was doing and if the Monsters were still winning. It put a smile on my face to tell them how well the team was doing and that the games were still a lot of fun.

When the team did Cleveland Browns night, the energy in the building was even more intense and lots of fans showed up to meet Josh Cribbs, TJ Ward and Joe Haden (just to name a few). Haden helped a young fan drop the first puck of the game and the Browns players and the fans in attendance had a blast watching the Monsters pull off the victory. Fans took notice as to how much fun the game was and that was a memorable night as well.

During Pink the Rink Night, even though memories of the first time they tried pulling that off circulated the arena (when the pink dye melted parts of the ice and had to postpone the last two periods of the game), fans turned out for the game and it was noticeable they were having a good time. The gentleman sitting next to me at the game was getting into it, kept asking me about some of the Monsters players and I could tell he was having a great time. Like many that night, people had fun watching the Monsters pull off an overtime victory and left the arena with a smile on their faces.

During the playoffs, the fans were even louder then usual and they wanted to see the team succeed. It has been a long time since playoff hockey was played in Cleveland and the fans (including myself) wanted to see the Monsters go far into the playoffs. There were hockey hankeys passed out, fans were louder and wanted to see the team succeed. It was one of the most fun atmospheres I had been apart of and it added more to experience.

As the Monsters left the ice for the last time this season, I wanted to take an opportunity to thank the players, coaches, and team management for a fun season. It was one of the most memorable seasons I’ve had following a Cleveland hockey team and because of that, I cannot wait for next season.

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~ by jeffrsabo on April 30, 2011.

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