Cleveland Indians Are On A Roll

Late last night, as I was putting some lacrosse pictures I had taken on Facebook, many of my friends were mentioning Carlos Santana’s grand slam in the ninth inning to put the Detroit Tigers away for the opening game of the series. The victory continued the Tribe’s winning streak at home and many fans are starting to take notice that the team is winning. It has been a couple of seasons since the Indians started out this hot and many hope it continues to progress as the season goes on.

Going into the season, the potential was there but there was still speculation as to whether or not this team could win. The team was supposed to have a young lineup that didn’t produce much offense last season and a young pitching staff that struggled. Not many were sure if the Indians were going to be playing well at all but so far, the team has gotten people talking for the right reasons.

Taking a look at the Indians lineup, many players have stepped it up and have produced when the Indians needed it the most. First baseman Matt LaPorta has finally had a consistent bat in the lineup while teammates Lou Marson (who struggled last year at bat) and outfielder Michael Brantley have increased their hitting power. Jack Hannahan (see my earlier post), Carlos Santana, Travis Hafner, Grady Sizemore and Shelley Duncan have all provided strong bats in the lineup and that has contributed to part of the Indians offensive success.

Pitching wise, the Indians have seen Fausto Carmona struggle a little bit on the mound but the rest of the starters have proven the critics wrong. Justin Masterson, who many thought would be the weakest link in our rotation, has pitched well in most of his starts and has lived up to the potential the Indians hoped he would reach when he was acquired a couple seasons ago. Josh Tomlin has provided stability to the Indians starting rotation and Chris Perez has turned into the reliable closer the Indians hoped they would get when they acquired him from the St. Louis Cardinals a couple seasons ago.

While some speculated whether or not he was fit for the job, Manny Acta has proven to be a motivating manager who has helped the younger players develop and bring this team on the right track. While Acta struggled while managing the Washington Nationals (talent and prospects were a bit limited though), he has shown the ability to be a creative strategist and has provided the motivation the players need to win. Acta has provided the spark and the creativity his predecessor Eric Wedge could not provide and it has helped the team win.

As the season goes on, the Indians will have a lot of games to play and many are hoping they continue to win.


~ by jeffrsabo on April 30, 2011.

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