NFL Has Not Set Deadline For Game Cancellation But Uncertainty Is Uneasy

As the NFL Lockout continues, uncertainty as to whether or not the league will have the 2011 season continues to grow. The league has not set a deadline as to when it will cancel games if an agreement has not been reached, however, the uncertainty is still uneasy for fans and many others that could be affected.

From a fan’s perspective, even though the league has guaranteed refunds for games not played, not knowing whether or not a season will happen is still uneasy. Purchasing NFL season tickets in most of the markets is not cheap and season ticket holders do spend quite a bit of money each season on tickets. Some season ticket holders do use tickets to entertain clients or use them for business purposes and even though refunds will be handed out for lost games, it does not guarantee fans will not be upset over canceled games. The fans may receive their money back but money may not cure ill feelings towards the league for canceling games.

In most NFL markets, game day (whether it is home or away) is an opportunity to restaurants, bars and other businesses to bring in revenue. Some restaurant chains and local bars bring in people looking to watch games throughout the day and benefit greatly from people purchasing food, drinks and other items throughout the day. For those who tailgate, places that sell meat, condiments and other items used for tailgating benefit from NFL games as well and gain revenue from the sales of those items. Should there be canceled games, many of these establishments and businesses could be affected and lose revenue.

In other major sports, many businesses have lost money due to canceled games from a lockout or strike. During the Major League Baseball strike in 1994, many local restaurants in MLB cities lost money due to games not being played. With no games to be played, fans had no need to show up to eat somewhere before a game that was not going to be played. NHL cities saw the same problem occur with the most recent NHL lockout and NBA cities saw this happen during the strike in the mid-90s. Whenever games are not played in any of the sports, the restaurants and local businesses have been proven to suffer.

Even though no deadline has been set for canceling NFL games, the uncertainty is not easy to take.


~ by jeffrsabo on April 23, 2011.

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