Monsters Have Won Seven Straight and Playoffs Are in Sight

For the past few seasons, fans of the Lake Erie Monsters have supported the team on and off the ice and have packed the place during various promotions. Most fans leave the games feeling it was a worthwhile experience and the team has built it’s brand name in a short time span.

While the fans have come out and supported the Monsters, one key element has been missing for the past few seasons; a trip to the playoffs! Cleveland has not had a playoff hockey teams since the most recent incarnation of the Cleveland Barons for the 2001-2006 seasons and the Monsters fans are hungry for postseason play.

This past week, the Monsters won their seventh game in a row and have earned the right to be in first place for their division. The season is winding down and with the team on a hot streak, the dream of playoff hockey in Cleveland could become a reality soon.

By supporting the team the past few seasons, the fans deserve a chance to see the Monsters in the postseason. The Monsters are one of the top leaders in attendance every season, fans have come out and supported promotions from Pink the Rink, Browns Night, Cavaliers night and several others. These fans have supported the Monsters the past few seasons and proven they will support the team.

With a strong playoff run, the Monsters will have an opportunity to create more interest and could draw more fans in for next season. Winning teams at any level draws the attention of the people in the area and the local media. Having a Monsters in the playoffs could draw interest from potential season ticket holders and provide fans in Cleveland with a winning team to follow. The longer the Monsters are in the playoffs, the more potential it will draw interest from the community and could grow more ticket sales for next season.

Fans have come out and supported the Monsters for the past few seasons and with the team in first place, it’s time for a run to the postseason.


~ by jeffrsabo on March 26, 2011.

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