Islanders and Penguins: Was There Enough Discpline?

Not too long after publishing my last post in regards to whether or not the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Islanders went too far with fighting for Friday’s game, some of the feedback received and the articles I read afterwards indicated the NHL did not do enough to discipline the teams and the players involved. Penguins owner Mario Lemieux claimed the league “failed” at handling the situation properly in a statement published on Sunday. Since the incident occurred, there have been mixed reactions as to whether or not the right action was taken.

After the Colin Cambell, who is in charge of discipline in the NHL, administered the fines and the suspensions, some fans felt it was one sided. The Islanders were fined $100,000 as a team while the Penguins did not receive any fine. Many have questioned whether the Penguins should have been fined as a team because the Islanders received one and the action has come across as being one sided. Islanders General Manager Garth Snow was surprised the Penguins were not fined but has chosen not to pursue an appeal and wanted to move on from the matter.

In addition to the team fine, some fans and analysts are wondering if more players should have been suspended and fined in the melee. Penguins enforced Eric Godard earned an automatic 10 game suspension for leaving the bench to join an altercation and Islanders players Trevor Gillies and Matt Martin were both fined and suspended for their roles in the brawls. For a game that featured ten ejections and 346 penalty minutes, many thought it was odd that only three players were suspended out of this. Islanders forward Michael Haley got involved in a second fight with Penguins goaltender BrentĀ  Johnson after he was restrained from another brawl he was in and Haley did not receive a suspension or fine. For the amount of instances that occurred in the game, some felt that only having three players suspended at the end was not enough.

Even though the NHL has traditionally served justice in these situations, many still question if more should have been done. This was the league that suspended Todd Bertuzzi for an entire season years ago after a vicious attack in a game and took a similar stance when Marty McSorley speared another player in the head with his stick. In both instances, the league investigated and handed out harsh punishments. In regards to the incidents on Friday night, it’s still questioned whether or not the NHL took enough action to discipline the parties involved and many believe more should have been done.

In addition to the debate of the fighting going too far, many are debating whether or not the NHL administered enough discipline to the Penguins and the Islanders. In a game that had ten ejections and 346 penalty minutes, only three suspensions resulted from it and one team was fined. Action was taken but was enough taken to prevent future incidents from occurring?



~ by jeffrsabo on February 15, 2011.

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