Monsters Have Opportunity at Playoffs and Developing The Fan Base in Second Half

The All-Star Break has come for the Lake Erie Monsters and while the team has had losing streaks this season, the team is playing .500 hockey and had multiple winning streaks this season. The team is trying to reach the playoffs after missing it the last few seasons and playoff hockey could be what the team needs to grow it’s fan base even more.

With the likelihood that the Cleveland Cavaliers will not be going to the playoffs this spring, the Monsters could catch the attention of potential fans if they make the post-season. The team will not have to compete with the Cavaliers in the playoffs at the time, the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Gladiators will be starting their seasons and the Browns won’t be playing for another several months. It will be the first time a Cleveland hockey team has been in the playoffs since the 2003-2004 season (when the previous franchise, the Cleveland Barons made the playoffs) and could create interest from fans looking to cheer on a team that could win a championship. Many of the die-hard hockey fans in Cleveland have been waiting for the Monsters to enter the post season for a long time and the potential and average fan could become interested as well.

If the Monsters make the playoffs, it will provide the city and its sports fans something to look forward to and a team to stand behind. With the disappointment of the Cavaliers season and several months away from whether or not we will know if the Indians and the Browns will be competing for playoff spots, having the Monsters in the playoffs will provide the city with games to look forward to. This could help with playoff ticket sales, create more interest in the team and could help generate ticket sales for the following season. A new interest in the team could grow a fan base and generate more revenue for the team in the following season.

In most sports, a team that goes on a long playoff run generates interest from the local community and provides reason to show interest and follow the team. When the Cleveland Lumberjacks (one of Cleveland’s former hockey teams) made it to the conference finals in 1997, lots of people in the Cleveland area took notice and started to pay close attention as to what happened to the team. When Cleveland State basketball made the NCAA tournament a couple seasons ago, others took interest as well and began to wonder how far the team could really go. The same could happen for the Monsters with a long playoff run and give fans reasons to support the team for that run and beyond.

For the second half of the season, the Lake Erie Monsters have an opportunity to make the playoffs and reap the benefits that can occur with a long playoff run.


~ by jeffrsabo on January 30, 2011.

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