Cavs Play Through Dismal Season As Individuals and Not a Team

Wednesday night’s Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Phoenix Suns was the first time I have seen the team play live in person since you know who left. The atmosphere inside the arena was different from one year ago, the record was definitely not the same and the roster looked different from the team I had watched one year ago.

Last season, the Cleveland Cavaliers played as a team and worked together to win ball games. Even without key players in the lineup last season, the team managed to win because they played well with one another and worked together. They worked as one collective unit on the court and that helped them get through tough games.

When watching the Cavaliers on Wednesday night, the team looked like individuals on the court and not a team.

During the early stages of the game, I couldn’t help but notice how the Suns worked together on offense while the Cavs randomly put up low percentage shots. Suns guard Steve Nash constantly drove inside to the paint, managed to draw in Cavaliers defenders and worked with his teammates on the floor to create scoring opportunities. Teammates Grant Hill and Vince Carter did the same throughout the game and it was apparent the Suns were playing together as a team and not individuals.

When the Cavaliers got opportunities, there were times JJ Hickson, Ramon Sessions and Samardo Samuels tried making plays themselves rather then working with their teammates to create opportunities. Oftentimes, these players and several others on the Cavs would drive to the basket and try and make individual plays instead of utilizing their teammates to create opportunities. As a result, the Cavaliers missed many shots and lost opportunities to get back into the game at key times.

As the trade deadline nears and the draft lottery looms in the near future, rumors of trades and draft picks will be circulating. There will be inquiries and rumors of players coming and going. The Cavaliers will need to look ahead at their future and whoever they bring in will need to play and work together as a team to improve their play on the court and in the standings.


~ by jeffrsabo on January 22, 2011.

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