Browns Thoughts…..

Below are my thoughts on the Browns loss to the Baltimore Ravens…

– The Browns did not go in with a good gameplan on both sides of the football

– The Ravens have some of the best linebackers in the league and running Peyton Hillis and Mike Bell up the middle was not going to win this football game

– Colt McCoy threw three interceptions but calling plays down deep in the Ravens secondary was not the smartest move on offensive coordinator Brian Daboll’s part

– Ravens safety Ed Reed is one of the most feared defenders in the league and the Browns should not have been throwing his direction

– Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco managed to find open receivers when he needed it and the Browns defense could not stop Ray Rice. This gave Baltimore lots of weapons to work with

– The Ravens had been moving the ball all during the first half against the Browns defense. With that in mind, the Browns should not have tried that onside kick to start the second half, which failed and gave the Ravens excellent field position.

– Browns President Mike Holmgren did not look happy towards the end of the game and will have a decision to make on Browns head coach Eric Mangini in two weeks

– Browns head coach Eric Mangini looked defeated at the end of the game

– The only time the Browns offense was creative was the trick play in which Mohammed Massoquoi threw to Brian Robiskie for the touchdown

– With the cold weather outside, the Browns relied too much on passing the ball while the Ravens established a running game early on and only threw a pass when they had to

– Ravens head coach John Harbaugh went in with a great game plan and took advantage of all of the Brown’s weak points

Bottom Line: For the past few weeks, the Browns have not been creative on offense, have not played as well on defense and have gone in with bad game plans against two teams that were struggling and one team that is known to have a tough defense (the Ravens). The Browns have the same amount of wins as they had last season and even if they beat the Steelers next week, head coach Eric Mangini could be out as Browns head coach. It’s apparent Mangini has not prepared well enough for games over the past few weeks and looks defeated on the sideline. Mangini has made some poor decisions with the talent he has on the roster and it has shown on the scoreboard.

Even if the Browns manage to pull off a victory next week against the Steelers, it will only be a one win difference from last season. Mangini is not proving he can lead the Browns to a winning record to Holmgren and Browns General Manager Tom Heckert. Firing Mangini would force the Browns to start over again, however, it’s apparent the Browns cannot win enough games with him as head coach. With several different candidates available, it may be in the Browns best interest to part ways with Mangini at the end of the season and go a different coaching direction.


~ by jeffrsabo on December 26, 2010.

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