Browns vs Dolphins Preview

Last week, the Cleveland Browns managed to pull off a victory over the Carolina Panthers but the victory almost slipped away. As Panthers placekicker John Kasey banged a field goal attempt off the upright, the Browns earned a win they could have lost.

This week against the Miami Dolphins, the Browns cannot afford to let this game be close or let it come down to the wire.

Last week against Carolina, the Browns defense stepped it up in the first half but got lazy towards the end of the game and it almost cost them the game. Panthers rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen almost put the winning drive together against a defense that did not put much pressure on him during the game and it almost cost them the victory.

When playing the Dolphins, the Browns defense will not be facing many rookies and will be up against veteran players who will not go easy on the Browns. Dolphins running back Ricky Williams may have lost a step during his troubles years ago but has proven he can still take advantage of sleeping defenses and will want to test the Browns early on. Teammate Ronnie Brown has proven he has the same capability and can be used in multiple situations. Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne has had his struggles but will want to test the Cleveland defense early on. After regaining his starting job, Henne will want to prove to the Dolphins management he can win football games for them and will need to play well against defenses that have struggled at times during the season. Even with a banged up Brandon Marshall at wide receiver, the Dolphins offense has weapons to work with and will be testing the Cleveland defense early on.

On offense, the Browns managed to pull off the victory with Jake Delhomme at quarterback but many believe Delhomme could have played better. Delhomme’s two interceptions in the second half of the Carolina game turned the landscape and helped the Panthers get back into a ballgame that seemed lost to them at halftime. Delhomme threw into double coverage, did not look in sync at times with his receivers and the Dolphins will be ready to place pressure on him early on. Delhomme will have to make smart decisions, not throw the ball into double coverage and will need to put drives together even if we are ahead.

In regards to the offense play calling, the Browns will need to be creative and opposing defenses understand that letting running back Peyton Hillis run up the middle can be costly. Defenses have started to plug up the box up the middle and have not allowed Hillis to take advantage. Hillis will need to run to the outside more and allow fullback Lawrence Vickers and tight end Benjamin Watson to block for him. Hillis can be dangerous running to the outside and this plus effective pass play calls can help the Browns offense be explosive.

When looking at both teams, the Browns and the Dolphins have a lot on the line and every game from here on counts. The Browns are trying to build momentum for a better future while the Dolphins are fighting to keep a season alive. This game will be important for both teams and will not be taken lightly.


~ by jeffrsabo on December 4, 2010.

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