What Will Happen When You Know Who Steps On the Court?

For months, Cavaliers fans have been waiting for their opportunity to see him come back to Cleveland. They know he will not be wearing number 23, he will not be wearing wine and gold and his uniform will not say Cavaliers on the front. After several seasons of being a top draw, hero, and savior to the Cavaliers franchise, this man will come back and will be viewed in a different light.

When he steps out onto the court, what will Cavaliers fans remember?

Will they remember his days at Saint-Vincent Saint-Mary?

Will they remember the day his name was called in the NBA draft?

Will they remember the first time he suited up in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform?

Will they remember how he revived a franchise that was stagnant and led them to their only trip to the NBA Finals in 2007?

Will they remember how after several seasons of treating him as The King, he went on ESPN and told the world he was taking his talents elsewhere?

When he steps onto the court tonight as a member of the Miami Heat, Cavaliers fans will have lots to remember. There are several good memories of his time in a Cavaliers uniform but the most recent memory will be what they recall and will feel the most.

These are sports fans that remember the pain felt when another villain announced he was moving the Browns to Baltimore. They remember the pain felt when another villain stepped into the batter’s box at Progressive Field (then Jacobs Field) in a black and white Chicago White Sox uniform several months after leaving a franchise and city that supported him well.

These are also sports fans that will remember the pain felt when this man announced he was going to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat.


~ by jeffrsabo on December 3, 2010.

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