Jets vs Browns Preview

The Cleveland Browns have won two straight games.

Yes, that is a true statement after the Browns took down the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots in their past two games. Both were considered to be tough opponents for the Browns and this week’s game against the New York Jets is being considered a challenge as well.

In the past two games, the Browns rose to the challenge on defense and shut down both Drew Brees and Tom Brady, both are still considered to be two top quarterbacks in the NFL. Brees threw two interceptions against the Browns defense and Brady could not muster up enough drives to keep the Patriots in the game.

The Browns put pressure on both quarterbacks and will have to do the same against Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. Even though Sanchez has helped the Jets win games, he is still prone to mistakes and the Browns defense will have the opportunity to capitalize on these opportunities. Sanchez is interception prone and if the Browns can take away the long pass from the Jets, they can make this a competitive ballgame. Santonio Holmes has been a reliable target for Sanchez but if the Browns can shut him down and Braylon Edwards (who couldn’t even catch a cold while he was in Cleveland), the Browns can keep up with the Jets.

Even if the Browns shut down Sanchez and the Jets passing game, they will still have to worry about Ladanian Tomlinson and Shonn Green in the Jets backfield. Tomlinson has regained his MVP form this season and traditionally has done well against the Browns while Green has surprised many by being a key factor in the Jets’ running game. If the Jets cannot attack with long passes, they will have to resort to Tomlinson and Green in the backfield and stopping those two will not be easy.

On offense, similar to what they did against the Saints and the Patriots, the Browns will need to pull some off some trick plays to catch the Jets defense offguard. With Darelle Revis serving as a big piece of the Jets defensive puzzle, the Browns will need to find different ways to get the ball up the field and may have to resort to a bag of tricks. Resorting to too many trick plays can be costly but they have pulled them off masterfully in the last couple of games.

In addition to being able to get creative, the Browns have done well with Colt McCoy at quarterback and Peyton Hillis in the backfield. McCoy has done well against some of the NFL’s toughest defenses and seems to know the offense well enough to put drives together. McCoy was firing down deep and connecting early on against the Patriots and may be looking to do the same against the Jets. Hillis has been a pleasant surprise for the Browns, manages to hurdle over diving defenders and has kept the Browns in ballgames by getting extra yards on carries. Both McCoy and Hillis have been pleasant surprise this year for the Browns and if they play well against the Jets, could help the Browns earn their third straight victory.

Playing the Jets tomorrow will not be easy for the Browns but the team has proven they can take down some of the NFL’s top teams over the past couple of weeks.


~ by jeffrsabo on November 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Jets vs Browns Preview”

  1. Lets go Browns!!!

  2. This will be their biggest test so far IMO. A win over the J-E-T-S would go a long way in this teams developement.

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