Avalanche and Monsters Will Be Affiliates For A Longer Period of Time

When the Lake Erie Monsters needed an NHL affiliation a few years back, a partnership was formed with the Colorado Avalanche. Even though the Pittsburgh Penguins, Columbus Blue Jackets, Buffalo Sabres and Detroit Red Wings were close by to Cleveland, the Monsters decided to form a bond with a team further west.

This week, it was announced that the affiliation that started four years ago will be extended.

In the four years since the agreement was first formed, the Monsters management has seemed happy with working with the Avalanche. The Monsters have sent a total of 22 players to the Avalanche during that time and 14 players on Colorado’s roster once donned a Monsters uniform at one point. Developing the Avalanche’s top prospects in Cleveland helped current Colorado head coach Joe Sacco get his first NHL head coaching position. The players have developed well while playing for the Monsters and have gone on to succeeding with the Avalanche later on.

During the Monsters’ existence, the Avalanche have been impressed with the attendance numbers the Monsters have set. The Monsters finished sixth in league attendance last season and that number has risen each year since the team started play four years ago. The Avalanche have been pleased the Monsters management has been bringing fans into Quicken Loans Arena.

The relationship between the Monsters and the Avalanche seems to be positive and what is yet to come could lead to better developments later on down the line.


~ by jeffrsabo on November 12, 2010.

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