Taking A Look At Three Top Teams in Northeast Ohio

Throughout the season, three high school football teams that have been talked about quite often include Solon, Glenville, and St. Edward’s. All three teams have had dominant seasons and have high expectations going into the playoffs. Below is a look at all three of them and what to expect in the playoffs:


Solon – Similar to last season, the Comets dominated their opponents and earned tough come from behind victories over Mentor and Strongsville. The Comets have shown lots of depth on their roster, have multiple offensive weapons and have strong leadership. There is no doubt this team is a contender and any team napping on them in the fourth quarter will be making a mistake. The Comets don’t quit against tough opponents and after losing in the regional finals last year, this team will fight to the very end.

Glenville – Glenville has size, speed, talent and has steamrolled over many of their opponents this season. With Cardale Jones at quarterback, the Tarblooders are not afraid to go deep and will attack any weak secondary they come across. The team is quick, plays a fast paced offense and can take control of a game easily. The Tarblooders have talent and will not be easy to take down in the playoffs.

St. Edward’s – With one of the biggest offensive lines in Northeast Ohio, taking down the quarterback or running back behind the line of scrimmage will leave a lot of defensive coordinators scratching their heads. This team took down a Mentor team in week one and has sailed through many other challenges this season. With a strong offensive line, moving the ball and taking control of the game is easy for the Eagles.


~ by jeffrsabo on October 30, 2010.

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