Rangers or Giants; Who Do You Want To Win The World Series?

The eve of the World Series is upon us and the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants will be battling for baseball’s top prize. Both teams had to be rebuilt in the past few seasons but with great leadership and player development, both became contenders and are fighting to earn the right to be world champions.

Starting with the Texas Rangers, after years of free agents, general managers and trades, the team finally earned it’s first trip to the World Series. With the help of team president Nolan Ryan, the Rangers became top contenders and built a great offense. Josh Hamilton has provided a consistent and steady bat for the Rangers lineup. Hamilton had personal problems early on in his career but has become a leader for this team. Vladimeer Guerrero proved to be a solid pickup for the Rangers and Elvis Andrus and Michael Young have been consistent players for the Rangers lineup the entire season. The team has been built with talent and leadership and helped get the Rangers to the World Series.

When looking at the Rangers’s pitching staff, the men on the mound have been consistent and Cliff Lee was one of the best pickups the team could have made. Lee is one of the game’s dominant pitchers and has proven to provide clutch performances down the stretch. Lee will be a key factor in the World Series and the Rangers do have the pitching to take it all.

Taking a look at the National League Champions, the Giants have come a long way since making the decision not to sign slugger Barry Bonds again. It took a few seasons but by building a great combination of players, this team will not go down easily against any team. With veterans Mark DeRosa, Edgar Renteria, and a mix of young players, this Giants team has beaten the odds and did not get to the World Series on accident.

Similar to the Ranger’s pitching staff, the Giants rotation has been a key factor to their success. Tim Lincecum has become one of the most feared pitchers in today’s game. Lincecum is dominant on the mound, does not get shaken up easily and has amazing control. Teammate Barry Zito has not been as dominant as he was early on in his career but has pitched consistently and helped get runners out when needed.

Both teams have earned the right to play in the World Series so the only question remains is who do you want to win?


~ by jeffrsabo on October 27, 2010.

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