Monsters 2-0, Have Chance to Build and Win Fans Early On

The Lake Erie Monsters started the season 2-0 with two victories, one at home and one on the road, over the Syracuse Crunch this past weekend. The team won’t be home until October 29th but has an opportunity to bond and build interest with the upcoming road trip.

Playing on the road isn’t easy but Monsters head coach David Quinn seems to think that starting out with a long road trip helps the team build. The players are able to bond more, learn early on and it gives the lines and players experience playing with one another before coming back for a home stretch. With a young team like the Monsters, bonding and building cohesiveness will make them a threat in the American Hockey League.

During the first two games, the Monsters seemed to play well with one another but having the road trip will allow them the opportunity to bond and play more cohesively. With a roster full of new players, it will be important for the Monsters to have an opportunity to build upon what they had a short time to work on in training camp. With it early on in the season, call ups to Colorado may not be as likely and this will provide the Monsters with an opportunity to work with the players they have to build a successful team.

With over 12,000 fans in attendance for the home opener, interest has been built with the Monsters and a win streak on the road will help build upon that interest. Having a winning team and clever marketing (which the Monsters have done well) will help create interest in the team and bring more fans into the games for late October and November. A winning team will create interest and provide reason for paying customer to keep coming back to the gates.

The Monsters are starting out strong but the road trip can make them stronger and bring more people through the gates.



~ by jeffrsabo on October 10, 2010.

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