Browns Thoughts….

Below are my thoughts on the Browns 20-10 loss to the Atlanta Falcons…..

– Seneca Wallace seemed to have good control of the offense before he went out with an ankle injury

– Once Jake Delhomme went in, it seemed as if he could not execute well on both pass and running plays

– Delhomme kept throwing into double coverage and tried to force plays to happen instead of letting them develop

– The Falcons defense seemed to penetrate easier through the offensive line when Delhomme was in at quarterback

– If Wallace is going to be out for a while, the Browns will have to make a decision on what to do with the quarterbacks situation. Delhomme wasn’t getting the job done at all in the second half and putting Colt McCoy in is a risk

– Peyton Hillis continued to prove to be a valuable asset to the Browns offense today

– On defense, the Browns seemed to do well in the first quarter but still gave up a lot of long pass plays

– Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is a great leader and proved he is a true NFL quarterback

– It was surprising the Browns offense didn’t go to the Flash formation more after Delhomme struggled in the second half

– The penalties played a key part in this game and led to Atlanta getting two field goals in the first half

– Delhomme may have been the starting quarterback at the beginning of the season but he looked lost out on the field today. Going into the future, the Browns will have to determine whether or not it will be worth keeping him around if he continues to struggle


~ by jeffrsabo on October 10, 2010.

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