The One Goal For the Lake Erie Monsters

The Lake Erie Monsters have never made the playoffs. Seasons and players have come and go but the team has failed to make the playoffs. With fan interest growing, the team wants to reach the postseason and excite the fans that come out to their games.

Second year head coach David Quinn is committed to reaching that goal.

Despite a slow start last season, Quinn managed to turn the team around despite having a revolving door roster. Quinn had to manage playing a few different goaltenders last season (Tyler Weiman, Trevor Cann and Billy Sauer) and with call ups to NHL parent club Colorado, the roster was changing on a weekly basis. Quinn didn’t make the playoffs last season but managed to keep the team competitive with the hands he was dealt with.

During the rough start last year, it was questioned whether Quinn had what it took to succeed as a professional coach(he was previously an assistant coach at Boston University) but turned that around towards the middle of the season. Gone were losses by several goals and the team started to play better hockey going into late December and early January. Quinn started to become more comfortable with coaching the professional game and managed to make the the competitive after a rough start.

On the roster, the Monsters will have new players but for Quinn, working with the hand you are dealt with in the minors is part of the job. Quinn lost some key players such as Brian Willsie, TJ Hensick, Tyler Weiman and several others to trades and free agency proved he could make the team competitive with a roster that changed constantly. Quinn has enjoyed being in Cleveland and wants to help put a product on the ice that will be competitive and make the postseason.


~ by jeffrsabo on September 30, 2010.

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