Cavs Taking New Approach To New Look Team

The Cleveland Cavaliers are moving forward this season. The team lost Lebron James to free agency, fired former head coach Mike Brown and former General Manager Danny Ferry left in the offseason but the team decided to go in one direction; which was moving forward.

To replace Brown, the Cavaliers hired NBA veteran head coach Byron Scott to lead the team. Scott has success turning around NBA teams and has already brought a new offensive style to the Cavaliers in training camp. Scott warned players in advance they must show up to training camp in shape and already ran the players ragged in their first day of practice. Scott understands the Cavaliers offensive weaknesses from last season and wants to incorporate a faster paced offensive to compete.

Lebron James has moved on but the Cavaliers are still moving forward by trying to build upon what they have. Mo Williams is coming back and many hope he can be a leader of this offense. Williams is determined to win a championship for this city as teammates JJ Hickson, Anderson Varejao, and Antwan Jamison are determined to have a great season ahead of them. These players understand that James is gone but can still win without him.

In addition to James leaving, the Cavaliers lost a couple of key players and cleaned house of others who were trouble off the court or were not in their future plans. Zydrunas Illgauskus left to go to South Beach to play for the Heat, Delonte West was deal to the Minnesota Timberwolves (who also waived him) and Shaquille O’Neal was not resigned and signed with the Celtics. Illgauskus and O’Neal are towards the end of their careers and letting them go may not have been a bad idea since the team is rebuilding. West was trouble off the court with personal and legal issues the Cavaliers management was tired of dealing with.

Out went James, “Z”, O’Neal, and West and in came Samardo Samuels, Ramon Sessions, Christian Eyenga, and Joey Greene. The Cavaliers did not necessarily sign a big superstar to to replace James but one man does not make the entire team. The Cavaliers are trying to build for a competitive team by adding depth to the holes left in the offseason and if the wins come so can the free agents. Byron Scott understands what he has to work with and can help build a cohesive team with what he has.


~ by jeffrsabo on September 30, 2010.

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